Cashmere sweater, the English way
Completed in April 2012

This is the Plaza cardigan pattern, designed by Martin Storey, published in Rowan Classic Cafe.

This is my first-ever garment knit in the traditional English way, flat and in pieces.

Oddly, I finished the two front pieces AND the back within four days. The rest of the sweater took a lot more time.

I followed the pattern obediently and only made one alteration. I lengthened the body by 8 inches.

The corkscrews on the collar are crocheted, and much longer and better than originally specified in the pattern.

No, I did not crochet them. I never venture to the dark side. Rather, I strategically bartered with a girlfriend of mine, who mentored me through the knitting of this cardigan, and she crocheted the corkscrews, too! Thank you, friend!

The yarn is 100% cashmere, DK weight, which normally would be shockingly expensive, but it's surprisingly affordable at Colourmart, the only place in the world where I can buy a kilo of cashmere without having a nervous breakdown.

A kilo of pure cashmere, on cone, cost about US$112.

I knit the sweater in its natural white, on cone, then dropped the completed garment in a green dye bath, as you do.

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