Candy stripes for your feet
Completed in December 2009

That's a shot of a "mule deer", as seen through Dad's picture window, up here in Colorado. This is a typical snowy scene that I have when knitting fireside. Not bad, eh?

These self-striping socks were knit with Lion Brand Magic Stripes in colorway #204.

I knit these socks on 2.0mm Clover brand bamboo DPNs. I'm not a big fan of bamboo, but I had to try them out nonetheless.

I don't really like the way that, after knitting just one pair of socks, these bamboo DPNs are permanently bent. I don't get that so much from my usual fave Brittany birch DPNs.

The 2.0mm needles caused quite a tight knit, which is less elastic than, say, my usual 2.5mm needles. I think I prefer knitting socks with the usual 2.5mm. Also, of course, with 2.5mm, the knitting flies by.

I knit the toes and the facing of the folded picot edge with black heathered Dale of Norway brand "Baby Ull" yarn. Next time, when knitting with self-striping yarn, I'll also knit the heel a solid color, I think.

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