Jellybean booties
Completed in October 2013

This undyed sock yarn was purchased from John Arbon at the fabled Unravel knitting festival, held at Farnham Maltings, which is a fun knitting train journey from London. This Unravel knitting festival is held every February, and it's one of my favorites. So much fun to be had, with great classes, free knitting talks, and loads of interesting vendors to browse.

I dyed the wool with my favorite Jacquard brand acid dyes, in fuschia.

I originally used this dyed wool to knit these socks.

The yarn is superwash merino wool, 2/10s, which is a normal sock or fingering weight. The spin is quite loose, with no nylon for reinforcing, which is alright in this case as the booties are intended for a baby.

Baby booties are so fun to knit. And, they knit up much quicker than an adult sock. This baby bootie is so small, as indicated in the second photo with the wine cork illustrating scale.

Baby Charlotte seems to be happy in the booties!

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