Blue & pink tam o' shanter
Completed in February 2010

I love these photos. They're my parents with my older brother and sister, in 1963, in New York.

This tam project was knit with my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand two-ply jumper weight wool.

I knit with six colors: white, pink, and four shades of blue.

The diameter of this tam is 10.75 inches.

I created this hat pattern myself. I am experimenting with different methods of decreasing at the top of the tam, for a more kaleidoscope effect.

When contemplating knitting designs, I always seem to look toward the past for inspiration. I can't help it. I love history and I especially love fashion history.

Knitting is the perfect venue to capture the essence of the past. Knitting is such a traditional artform, and it just seems natural to me to design and knit garments that incorporate elements of history. I prefer designs that stand the test of time.

I often look at old family photographs for design inspiration. What's there not to love about old photos? I just love them. And thankfully, we have lots of them around.

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