Tuesday's pink-and-green tam
Completed in December 2009

When I was designing Tuesday's tam, I was really trying to capture bright candy colors. I especially love a good bright pink-and-green combination.

Who doesn't?

It's a happy, upbeat color combo that says, hey, I don't take myself too seriously...which is exactly the idea I try to convey...especially with my very funny, candy-colored monogrammed cardigans, a la Laverne & Shirley.

Speaking of bright candy colors, when was the last time you had ribbon candy? Don't you just love it? I remember Mom having ribbon candy at home at Christmastime. I just love the bright candy colors.

I found this ribbon candy in the impressive Christmas aisle at Wal-mart. Oh how I love the Christmas aisle at Wal-mart! It's great. You can find all sorts of old-fashioned candy there, and all for a great price. Nothing beats the selection or pricing of Wal-mart!

As always, I knit the tam with my favorite Jamieson & Smith brand two-ply jumper weight wool. I used three different shades of pink, then off-white and green.

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