Mittens for my niece, Samantha

Completed on 24 July 2007 for Christmas!

For Sam's mittens, I wanted to design something in a pink-green-black-white color combination. While I was out at the National Archives at Kew Gardens doing some research for my MA thesis, I ran across this neat image of a Henry Hill needle case, circa 1869. What a great retro pink-green-black-white plaid.

I am also fond of the simpler color combo of pink-black-white which I frequently ran across when I was researching Vogue magazines from World War Two.

I had also made some pink-black hats. It's a color combo I love.

And, I was inspired by Claire's pink-green-white socks which turned out so nicely.

Finally, I decided on knitting Sam some pink mittens with a green-white plaid body.

I finished the first mitten, all the way down to the cuff. Then, I realized that the plaid is just too big for such a little girl. So I frogged the whole mitten and started over again.

These simpler pink mittens are better suited for Sam, I think.

Knitting specs:

Mitts were knit with Jamieson & Smith brand yarn, 100% Shetland wool, 2-ply jumper weight, in colors:

Pink color #70
Green color #25
White color #1A

Knit on five-inch Brittany birch DPNs, purchased from Patternworks, size 2.50mm.

To knit these mitts, provisionally cast on 17 sts, inc to 52 sts, dec to 48 sts for cuff. Say a prayer and then felt once in the washing machine.

And here's Sam after Christmas, with her mittens, which fit alright. She's already worn them quite a bit and they're dirty in this photo. But that's alright since they can just be tossed in the washing machine to clean. No worries, since they've already been felted.

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