Mittens for my niece, Olivia

Completed on 15 July 2007 for Christmas!

For some reason, I have the impression that Olivia is the least likely (of all the nieces and nephews) to complain about her mittens, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to experiment with color.

These mittens are knit from the toe up, with the rectangular method and provisional cast on.

The thumb method was the standard afterthought heel. And, I intentionally made the cuff rather long.

The mittens were subjected to two separate cycles of felting in a front-loading washing machine, with some bath towels for friction and agitation, at 95 degree celsius (whatever that means), with plenty of soap (Woolite, which is hard to find in London). While wet, I molded the mittens into their proper shape and let dry flat.

Knitting specs:

Project knit with Jamieson & Smith brand yarn, 100% Shetland wool, 2-ply jumper weight, with colors:

Pink color #FC22
Purple color #123
White color #1A

Knit on five-inch Brittany birch DPNs, purchased from Patternworks, size 2.50mm.

To knit these mitts, provisionally cast on 14 sts, inc to 48 sts. Do not dec for cuff. Before felting, the flat length was 8 inches, flat width was 3 inches.

These mitts were felted by tossing into the regular washing machine, but lay flat to dry. No tumble dryer.

During the felting process, an overall half inch was lost in length and only a quarter inch lost in width.

That's Olivia in January 2008, wearing her mittens. She seems to like her mittens and wears them often. I'm so glad!

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