It's not a poncho. It's a cape.

Knitting in the round is the way to go, from the top down. You are only ever knitting, and never purling.

Every time I hit the center front st marker, I would wind the yarn around the needle seven times, which left a series of ladders down the front. This is where you will steek. Of course, there are many ways to cut a steek. My steeking method involves having a nice glass of wine then cutting your knitting right down the center front.

After you recover from the scissor trauma, do what you like with the raw edges. You can tie them together, or weave them into the body, or just leave them. They won't unravel. They will eventually felt a bit, thanks to the lopi. Then, pick up sts along the center front and knit a picot band. Sew one nice silver Scandinavian hook and eye to the very top, at the neck.

Doesn't my sister-in-law look great?

Unfortunately, Holly didn't really like the cape. Alas, it's in safe storage in her cedar closet.

Knitting specs:

Cape of heathered gray, with a contrasting yoke extending from the neck to the armholes and utilizing white, heathered gray, lime green, and tangerine dream. Knit with Holz & Stein brand ebony wood circulars.

Knit with my fave Reynold's brand lopi lite yarn, purchased while on a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland.

My own design, knit in the round, from the top down. The center lattice motif, though, came from a Lopi book.

Neck and all cuffs have smooth picot edge, without ribbing.

Learn from my mistakes: The entire body (not the yoke) was unfortunately knit twice. The first time, when I finished the yoke, I just continued to knit down down down. I was dumb and happy. What I didn't realize was that knitting in this way would cause the cape to flare out at the bottom.

I frogged the gray body and re-knit it. But, this time I decreased periodically so that the cape, in essence, was more narrow at the waist. When it's on a real body, though, it falls perfectly straight down. So, bear that in mind if you are designing a cape. Unless you want it to flap unnecessarily about.

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