Doesn't my brother look great?

Unfortunately, he didn't really like the sweater. Chris says it's "itchy", which is a shame since Icelandic wool is known for its soft touch. This sweater, though, fits him perfectly, and would be perfect in the Colorado climate that he lives. Alas, it's in safe storage in Chris' cedar closet.

Do you see the Christmas lights in the above photo? This photo was taken at Dad's house, and he hangs those lights from the ceiling, from the hanging plant hook, to form a big triangle. And outside, from a distance, it looks like there's a big Christmas tree inside. It's very funny, actually.

Knitting specs:

Pullover sweater with body and sleeves of charcoal black, with a contrasting yoke extending from the neck to the armholes and utilizing white, charcoal black, lime green, and tangerine dream.

Knit with my fave Reynold's brand lopi lite yarn, purchased while on a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland. Knit with Holz & Stein brand ebony wood circulars.

My own design, knit in the round, from the top down. The center lattice motif, though, came from a Lopi book.

Neck and all cuffs have smooth hemmed picot edge, without ribbing.

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