Socks for my sister, Cassandra

Completed for Christmas 2007

In December I made a Big Interview Trip to Asia. During said trip, I finished the two knitting projects that I had brought, and I was left with idle hands. I can't believe I completely misjudged my productivity. Usually on trips I bring way too many projects-----I am usually full of optimism.

Idle hands on a trip. For a knitter, this is disastrous. It's uncomfortable. It's unusual. And it's not just that idle hands are the work of the devil and all's just that I like to keep busy. I like to do something. Knitting makes me feel creative and productive while I'm doing uncreative and nonproductive things, like waiting or sitting on a train or watching Chinese-language television shows in my humble hotel in Shanghai.

Luckily, my Greenwich knitter-friend Ellen came through. Like Wonder Woman to the rescue, Ellen emailed me a great list of Chinese yarn shops, of which I located one in Hong Kong. Through much map-reading, I somehow managed to find this yarn shop:

Mui Tong Comany
28 Bonham Strand
Hong Kong
(Located behind the Sheung Wan MTR station......but please note that the preposition, behind, is a relative term!)

Now I don't really know why I'm even posting the address.....because it's not as though I'd actually recommend you going there.

Oh_my_gosh, that store was complete mayhem. Small and disorganized. Cluttered and dusty. And expensive to boot. But, alas, I found some suitable sock yarn for my sister.

Here we are with my new favorite provisional cast-on for the rectangular start to the toe-up sock.

Then we progress to three DPNs, as is my wont.

Above's the finished toe.

Below's the insert for the afterthought heel.

Then the inserted contrast yarn is ripped out and the live stitches are places on DPNs.

And here's Cass trying on the socks on Christmas morning, with all the discarded wrapping paper on the floor.

Knitting specs:

These sox were knit on Brittany birch DPNs, size 2.75mm, purchased from Patternworks.

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